Expected Results

GREEN PUMP expected results in summary:

1. Reduction of potable water consumption, by substitution with untreated ground water, suitable for secondary uses.
2. Reduction of use of fossil fuels for heating by substitution with shallow geothermal energy.
3. Percentage of net energy conservation, taking into account energy used in water treatment and electricity demand of heat pumps and ground water pumps.
4. Elaboration of criteria for site selection (including groundwater quality, aquifer depth, vicinity to prospective water and energy users, flooding risk, etc.).
5. Study of technical details of application to existing and new buildings (including double water supply networks) and optimization of the design.
6. Calculation of the amortization period of the required investment complete with a cost/benefit analysis.
7. Evaluation of the environmental and social benefits.
8. Proposals for simplification of the required permit process in both countries and for elimination of bureaucratic barriers.
9. Distribution and promotion of the entire methodology in all relevant active entrepreunerial societies/chambers of commerce/incubators.

Overall it is expected that GREEN PUMP will directly help monitor and utilize groundwater resources that are currently wasted, constitute a flooding hazard. It will additionally save significant amounts of money for the target groups of these actions on the long term.